Half Moon Sword
Traditional English Sword Dancing
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About Half Moon Sword


Half Moon Sword is a NYC based sword dance team, which has been dancing together since 1981. Our skillful dance displays have gained us a reputation here and in England for precision and fresh interpretations of traditional sword dances. The members of Half Moon Sword share a love of this dance form with all its ritual and mystery.

Half Moon Sword denounces the recent attempt by white nationalists in the UK to co-opt English ritual dance to further their racist agenda. The members of Half Moon Sword are committed to confronting racism and opposing white supremacy, including in our own traditions and community. We must all do the work necessary to dismantle structural racism, and be accountable for making today’s ritual dance and music community anti-racist and inclusive. We stand with Black Lives Matter and the continuing struggle for racial justice and equity. #blacklivesmatter

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